Private Swimming Lessons

Private Swimming Lessons : Join the Power of Water

Learning to swim is a great advantage for all ages. However, everyone's learning speed, ability and fears may be different. This is where Customized Swimming Lessons come into play. With many advantages and differentiating features, swimming lessons are now much more effective and faster.

Feel Safe

We do not leave you alone at your first contact with water. Our expert instructors are always by your side as you put your feet on the pool floor or practice your first swimming strokes. Especially if you have a fear of water, private swimming lessons are the perfect opportunity to overcome this fear.

Use Your Time Effectively

Busy work life, daily hustle and bustle and time lost between classes... If you are short on time and want to learn to swim quickly, customized swimming lessons are for you. You can get effective results in a short time thanks to the one-on-one attention of our teachers and customized solution options.

Individual Focus & Rapid Development

Everyone has a different learning capacity and style. In group lessons you often have to wait in line to progress. In private lessons, however, the instructor's full attention is only on you. So whatever your learning speed, needs and concentration, you will be completely taken care of.

No Sport Talent is OK

It is possible to learn to swim without hand-eye coordination or sports skills. Our instructors have years of experience in this field. Teaching swimming is not only about foot and arm movements; it is important to understand the psychology of the student and create a teaching plan accordingly.

Progress Step by Step to Reach the Goal

Whether it's just staying afloat or being able to swim comfortably in a 20-meter pool, you can achieve any goal with customized swimming lessons. Our teachers will gradually reduce your swimming assistance and get you to your goal.

Why Us?

Many people waste time and money and don't achieve the swimming skills they want. But we are expert coaches with university level swimming education. We have been working with students of all ages for years and we have never failed to teach anyone how to swim.

Learning to swim is now much easier, more effective and safer. We are waiting for you with a training program suitable for your needs, speed and ability. Join us for a life at peace with water.

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