Hot Swimming Pool

Discover Peace in a Hot Water Pool

Designed to take you away from the chaos of everyday life, relax you and re-energize you, our spa center offers an unforgettable escape. The star of our spa experience is our private hot water pool. Modern and luxuriously designed, it is the perfect place to experience the compassionate embrace of hot water.

The touch of the hot water provides mental relaxation while relieving all the tension in your body. The warmth of the thermal water softens your muscles, increases the flexibility of your joints and improves your blood circulation. This allows your body to find balance again and enter a state of natural tranquility.

Time spent in the hot water pool in our spa center means not only physical relaxation, but also mental and emotional revitalization. The quiet atmosphere around the pool offers the perfect setting to meditate, read a book or simply feel inner peace.

Special design of the pool,

invites in the natural beauty that surrounds you, so you can be in complete harmony inside and out.

The hot water pool experience we offer for our guests is at the heart of our spa center. Our professional and experienced staff will help you to maximize all the health benefits of a hot tub.

We invite you to experience tranquility and renewed energy in the hot water pool in our spa center. Here, you can pamper your body and mind, cleanse yourself from daily stresses, revitalize and discover spiritual serenity. We welcome you to share this special time for yourself with us.

Please contact us for more information or to make a reservation.

We look forward to offering you an unforgettable spa experience.